Business Planning

Whether your business is small or large, our Business Practice is committed to meeting the needs of today’s business community:

  • We are skilled in drafting routine and complex business agreements, including operating agreements, shareholder and buy/sell agreements and service agreements. We handle all aspects of the organization, purchase, sale, and merger of businesses.
  • We have expertise in advising clients with respect to all stages of the life cycle of a business, from its initial formation to its final disposition, whether through a sale to a third party or gift to the next generation as part of a business succession plan.
  • We provide advice with respect to the choice of business entity, including corporations, “S” corporations, limited liability companies, and limited and general partnerships. In that regard, we address entity formation documentation, such as certificates of incorporation, certificates of formation, certificates of limited partnership, bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholders’ agreements, organizational meeting minutes and stock certificates.
  • We represent employers and executives in the negotiation of employment agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, severance agreements and non-qualified deferred compensation plans.
  • Because we are also versed in the area of tax planning we can approach each of the above scenarios with an analysis of related tax consequences.
business planning